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Samoon Building Management App

A Good Accountant For The Building

Accompanied by the building manager

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Manage your building with Samoon

Manage your building with Samon

Download all reports as pdf

Send elevator alert to building manager

Add reminders for yourself and building residents

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Possibility to send a message to Samoon

Add personal credit

Possibility to delete manual deposits

Add Samoon ID code for transactions

Samoon manages your building business in the shortest time possible by providing the best and most practical service

Financial management of buildings

Smarten up your building in Samoon

Equipping the building with Samoon  smart features, such as a single water meter, parking door driver and other equipment and controlling them through the Samoon panel

Services Building Samoon

Cleaning, Utilities, Elevators, Insurance

Possibility of requesting services through the Samoon app, announcing prices by experts, comparing prices and resumes of experts, selecting specialists and performing services

Smart Home Samoon

Between the building manager and the building members

Manage building finance processes between building manager and other members, pay online with building manager account, pay bills

Samoon Other Facilities


Up to date Information

Updating information online and instantaneously, so dont worry about working in different interfaces


Critics and Suggestions

Ability to send feedback to the manager as well as Samoon technical department


Nice User Interface

Beautiful and simple user interface design, as well as the ability to change the layout of the application environment


Reminder System

Register periodic affairs in Samoon to remind any or all members of the building

Samoon Guide

All Samoon users can refer to the help section and view the topics discussed. Users can also participate in discussions about different things and share their experiences with other .friends

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